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Post by Gabriel Meza on Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:34 pm

This faction has a focus on character development. Without permission, do not start a character that is already a gangbanger.

Catch up on the slang. We have a guide on these forums.

Understand that Las Colinas Valley is predominately Hispanic, but there is a strong Caucasian presence. Do not create a character that automatically dislikes white people.

Recruitment is done at a young age, if you role play an older member it might decrease your chance of being jumped in. Anyone role playing over the age of 18 will probably never become a gang member.

LCV is an impoverished area. Do not roleplay being able to afford drugs, guns, cars, clothes, jewelry, without an income. Not all gang members are unemployed.

Don't break the server rules.

You don't have to create a character with the purpose of becoming a SureƱo. It's important to have a community feel. Feel free to roleplay tattoo artists, shop owners, women, drug addicts, etc.

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